Favorite Apples Device

Adam Menges
2 min readApr 23, 2021
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I have what some would consider an odd ordering of favorite apple devices. iPhone doesn’t make the top three. 🤭

  1. iPad
  2. iMac
  3. Apple Watch

For me the iPad is at the top because it’s a beautiful pane of glass that keeps me focused and engaged in drawing, reading, etc. Even when I’m on my Mac I pull up everything full screen. Multi tasking isn’t my top feature request. The little side pane in many ways is enough + drag and drop. The top thing for me is better software. The only way I see Apple helping with this is:

A) Bringing their own FinalCut Pro / Logic to iPad

B) Having a fund, maybe similar to how they help fund games for Apple Arcade, to help developers put more time into solid native software.

A bigger and nicer trackpad on par with a macbook air’s would be a nice addition to the smart keyboard, too.

On the iMac side, the ergonomics of sitting upright and the precision of a mouse and pointer with the speed of a physical keyboard is hard to beat for long ‘in the zone’ work. Not to mention a huge screen to spread out on.

Speaking of iMac’s, I eagerly await (hopefully!) the larger colored version of the beautifully redesigned 24" iMac.

And for my watch, it’s enabled me to get insights I wouldn’t have otherwise had about my health, while allowing me to leave the iPhone behind and only be notified of important messages and calls. All else can wait.

What then is my iPhone? It’s a pretty good for when I need a quick:

  1. Camera 📷
  2. iMessager 💬
  3. Notepad 📝



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