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Human Malleability

I often see folks, many of which are proud the of way they think, make the lazy mistake of assuming brightness is something you're more or less born with. This answer is infuriating to me. Maybe I’m just viewing the world differenly. But to me, yes some folks are obviously different then others. From all the evidence I've seen though, human’s are insanly malleable. You can learn how to think.

This is part of why the current education system is frustrating. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of effort put into it. Maybe it’s the not the problem the average voter cares about. Maybe results would take, by their very nature, generations to see the effects. Maybe that’s too long a time scale for most politicians to care about. Everything I’ve found in life that’s transformational¹ I learned outside of regular school. Much of this transformation by the way has lead to significant economic value, and lots of taxes paid. Seems like it’s in society’s best interest to improve our education system.

[1] Here. Are. Some. Examples. Why is stuff like this not required reading but Moby Dick is?



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Adam Menges

I assume basically no one reads anything I write here, this is sort of just an open notebook for myself that others _might_ find useful —