The state of our country

I worry about the state of our country and often want to find avenues to help improve it. The problem is I often come up empty in my search. I know others feel the same. There’s the obvious voting, charities, and contacting repentiveies. But everythng other then maybe charities feels a little empty. My votes feel a little empty in their current form (Garry mongering, electoral college, Lester land, etc). Getting auto reposes from our represiitives feels empty. I’ve seen ‘digital tours’ where someone like me can give their time to improve the country with their skill-set, but have never talked to anyone who’s done it. Is there some other way I can help I haven’t thought of? Also, everyone better fucking vote in November. Especially if you’re in a battleground state.

Voting related reading for the curious minds:




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Adam Menges

I assume basically no one reads anything I write here, this is sort of just an open notebook for myself that others _might_ find useful —