Video Chat on PS5

Photo by Martin Péchy on Unsplash

Zoom app on PS5? Why not? Big screen. Nice Camera. I talk to family/friends on the couch as it is, I just do it awkwardly holding up on iPhone or iPad to face.

Ties into this HomePod Theater Bar folks have been talking about.


If not Zoom, because arguably that’s not where I talk with co-workers, then Skype/Facebook/Etc. First company to make this app is bound to see a huge uptick in usage.

As a side note, it’s insane to me that video chat isn’t natively there, even with their first-party camera, for playstation users. Likely mostly a cost reason on their end. Seems like it’d be a big pull into the ecosystem for whoever does it first Microsoft/Sony. When I game with friends remotely it’d great to see their face at the same time. Right now we start a facetime with each other and attempt to prop up our phones in the right spots, with mixed results and of course, sound coming out of multiple places and a little feedback.



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